"Welcome to The Lowther School Family" from Headteacher Mark Tuffney and Deputy Headteacher Alastair Ripley...  

"The Lowther School Family is very special. Lowther is a unique place of learning because of our wonderfully enthusiastic children, skilled colleagues, committed and supportive families and wider community partners. Please do browse our website and social media feeds further so that you can experience for yourself the distinctive atmosphere and the children's confidence and enthusiasm for learning.

"We truly believe in providing the children with a wide variety of opportunities to thrive in the wider aspects of school life. The school family is committed to providing children with the highest quality of education, where a broad and balanced curriculum is underpinned by exceptional pastoral care.

"We'd love you to come and visit our school and see the fantastic learning that takes place alongside our warm and happy atmosphere. Please do get in touch if you'd like to see and/or know more about life at Lowther.

"We hope the short introductory videos showing below give you an insight into life at Lowther, you can also view the full videos amongst many others in our Lowther TV page."

Mark Tuffney and Alastair Ripley
Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher

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"Welcome to The Lowther School Family" from the Governing Board...  



"A very warm welcome to the Lowther School Family from the governing board. We are all very proud of our happy, welcoming school, which truly cherishes its diversity and inclusion and takes great care of each and every individual child.

"We work closely with Mark, Alastair and the rest of the school team to ensure our vision becomes a reality, constantly striving for improvement. Our work is carried out through regular meetings, as well as visits to the school to see first-hand how things are going.

"The governors come from a wide range of backgrounds, to create a diverse team to support and challenge the school. Some are also parents or staff here, while the rest have no connection with the school other than a desire to help. If you are interested in discussing what is involved in being a governor, please feel free to contact us and/or visit our Governors webpage by using the links shown below."

Sharon McNab, Aisha Bicknell and Philip Mead
Co-Chair, Co-Chair and Vice-Chair of the Governing Board

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"Welcome to The Lowther School Family" from School Business Manager Beverley Richardson...  


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"A very warm welcome to the Lowther School Family. We are here to help your family get the most from being part of the North Barnes community.

"Please do get in touch if there's anything you’d like to know about the Lowther School Family."

Beverley Richardson
School Business Manager

"Welcome to The Lowther School Family" from the Staff...  



"We are all fully committed to providing a fantastic education for each and every pupil.

"All the staff team share the vision that Lowther is a school that is inclusive, safe, exciting and a centre of learning excellence for all your wonderful children."
"Welcome to The Lowther School Family" from the Pupils...  



"Lowther Primary School is the best! Everybody gets on really well and you have loads of friends. The teachers are friendly and teach excellent lessons.

"Some of the best things about Lowther are the fun lessons, all the trips we get to go on, the brilliant plays and drama we do, and we've got wicked clubs too!"

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"Let the children talk you through their views of their school in this short film."


"Please join us on a virtual tour of our school... we're very proud of the facilities we have for your wonderful children.

"This short video gives you an insight into the grounds, buildings and facilities we have here at Lowther."

Stop-Motion Video  

"Enjoy watching our first day back at school as children begin a new year of learning with The Lowther School Family."


Lowther StopMotion from Lowther School on Vimeo.

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