At Lowther we have lots of interesting activities and events organised to keep us engaged and learning. Here's a selection of just some of our very many favourite activities and events recorded as video clips and movies.
  Christmas Celebration
  A Christmas Message
  Makaton Merry Christmas Song
  Christmas Shows Promo
  Allotment Makeover
  Friday Dance Moves
  Performance Poetry
  Music Assembly
  Arts Afternoon
  Arts Week
  Y1 Girls Football Skills
  Roller Disco Club
  Chinese New Year Assembly
  Lowtherness Live
  Christmas Shows Highlights 2021

Absolutely incredible Christmas shows from Reception, Year 1 and 2 this week. It's been so good to have parents and families in the audience too. The children have loved performing and the standard of singing and acting was top notch. Next stop The West End! 🀩🎀🎬🎭

  Year 3 ~ Christmas Time is Here
  Year 4 ~ I wish it could be Christmas Everyday!
  Takeover Day
  Staff Song for Christmas
  Lowther's Harvest Assembly (A little something different)

Each year group has prepared a performance for you and recorded it. We hope you enjoy watching our Harvest Assembly.

  Dance Lesson
  Science Homework

Enjoy watching this awesome Lowther video! This fabulous film is of Dylan in Year 4's Science Homework on Circuits. You'll be an expert after watching this amazingly informative and professional video.

  Staff Dance



View the staff team perform an awesome dance routine

  Lowtherness Auditions
  Lowther Life
  Ukelele Movie

Lowther music! Our Ukelele club had the opportunity to record one of their songs at a proper music studio. What an awesome experience for them. Many thanks to the Powerstation for the opportunity!

  The Daily Mile
  The Lowther Allotment Story
  Lowther TV Archive Β»
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