Lowther School Family ~ Photo Archive...
  Photo galleries of earlier Lowther special events and occasions
We love sharing photographs of our awesome children with parents/carers and their families. Here you can find galleries of some of our much older events. Please also check our social media streams at Twitter and Facebook for more of Lowther in action.
Y4 Kingswood Trip Photos
Community Day 2014 Photos
Grounds Afternoon 2014 Photos
Beech and Pine Gallery Photos 2014
KS2 Xmas Party Fun 2013 Photos
Foggy Fun Photos
LSF Foundation Stage Nativity 2013 Photos
Nativity 2013 Photos
Takeover Day 2013 Photos
Y6 IOW Trip 2013 Photos
Lowther Sports Day 2013 Photos
Year 6 Camping 2013 Photos
Grounds Day 2013 Photos
Summer Fair 2013 Photos
Borough Sports Day 2013 Photos
Grosvenor Hall Trip 2013 Photos
Community Day 2013 Photos
Wizard of Oz 2013 Photos
Making Day 2012 Photos
Nativity 2012 Photos
Year 6 Photography Club 2012 Photos
Lowther Rugby 2012 Photos
Opening Party 2012 Photos
Lowther Sports Day 2012 Photos
Bugsy Malone Show 2012 Photos
Year 6 Isle of Wight Trip 2012 Photos
Borough Sports Day 2012 Photos
Grounds Day 2012 Photos
Portrait Gallery 2012 Photos
Maths Day 2012 Photos
  'COLOUR' Photo Competition ~ The four winning entries...
  Photo Archive continued
Lowther's Got Talent 2012 Photos
Lowther in the Snow 2012 Photos
Ted's First Day Photos
Staff Gallery 2011 Photos
Grounds Afternoon 2011 Photos
Nativity 2011 Photos
Borough Sports 2011 Photos
Science Day 2011 Photos
Fencing 2011 Photos
Isle of Wight 2011 Photos
Sustainability Project Photos
Community Day 2011 Photos
Lowther's Got Talent 2011 Photos
Toy Story 2011 Photos
Aladdin Show 2011 Photos
Basketball Fun 2011 Photos
'COLOUR' Photo Competition 2010 Photos
Circus Show Riverside Studios 2010 Photos
Jungle Book Show 2010 Photos
Lowther Sports Day 2010 Photos
Summer Fair 2010 Photos
Shrek 2010 Photos
Takeover Day 2010 Photos
Fun in the Snow 2010 Photos
Basketball Tournament 2010 Photos
Lowther Nativity 2010 Photos
Community Day 2010 Photos
Foundation Stage Opening 2009 Photos
Takeover Day 2009 Photos
Lowther Nativity 2009 Photos
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